Scientific Research

Up to the end of 2011, 163 randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in Homeopathy have been reported in 140 full papers in peer-reviewed journals. This represents research in 77 different medical conditions. Of these 163 RCTs, 67 (41%) were positive, 11 (7%) negative and 85 (52%) non-conclusive.

A number of systematic reviews have evaluated the Homeopathic research literature (Faculty of Homeopathy website).

Non-randomised, non-controlled clinical outcomes studies make a useful contribution to the evidence base (Faculty of Homeopathy website).

HRI-Conference-2013-163-200x300The Homeopathy Research Institute is an innovative charity that facilitates scientific research into Homeopathy:

Homeopathy Research Institute

Image left courtesy of Homeopathy Research Institute: Dr Stephan Baumgartner (KIKOM, Switzerland) speaking at the Institute’s Conference “Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy”, held in Barcelona, 2013.

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