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Jacki Becker

I qualified as a homeopath in 1991 and have practiced for almost 20 years at Clapham Common Clinic although moved for a few years to Milton Keynes and since 1999 I have lived and worked in Totnes, Devon. Prior to studying I was a teacher of primary school children in Inner London for 15 years specialising in Equal Opportunities and Special Educational Needs. I have been teaching homeopathy in London and in Bristol at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy since 1992. I am also passionate about teaching my patients and the wider public about the real wonder of homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (information about remedies from provings).

I like to work in interdisciplinary environments especially working alongside the medical profession. I have been active in attending parliamentary meetings to this end (integrated healthcare), particularly since the attacks on homeopathy as a science began in earnest!


Mary-Ellis-TrusteeMary Ellis LSECH MSCH MARH

The Principal of SCH, and Course Director of the Iceland School . Mary started SCH in 2009 because she is passionate about homeopathy and wanted to be instrumental in helping others to practice homeopathy in a professional and practical way. and the Iceland School in 2017
Passionate about Homeopathy Mary is a trustee with Homeopathy Action Trust, on the panel of 4H and a member and Chair of the HCPF. Committed to progressing Homeopathy in the UK and abroad.
In 2016 Mary started the foundation on what was to become the Iceland School of Homeopathy, which opened in September of 2017, reinvigorating the homeopathic community there and educating the homeopaths of the future. Mary is working with the best of tutors to bring these colleges to the hight standard needed to progress homeopathic education.
Mary has qualified in Homeopathy, Homeopathic Biopuncture, and Mesotherapy and is an Asyra practitioner, she has successful and busy practices in Surrey and Tunbridge Wells Kent, as well as running student clinics for the college in Tunbridge Wells and Surrey. Mary is also one of the co-founders of Homeopaths Support refugees, working in the refugee camps in Northern France.
Before becoming a homeopath, Mary worked within sales and marketing and had her own Recruitment business, so has first-hand knowledge of setting up and marketing, networking and promoting small businesses.



Simon Taffler

I specialise in homeopathic healthcare, with a career that has encompassed training and clinical practice in England, Israel, Paraguay, Sri Lanka and North America and, teaching and research at colleges primarily in the UK and USA.

I opened Life Works, a multi-disciplinary complementary medicine clinic in London in August 1985. After 20 successful years, in 2005 I moved my clinical practice to Marylebone, London W1.
Nothing matters more to me than seeing the curative effect of homeopathy in action, something that I am privileged to witness every day. My involvement in the this Trust is about ensuring that others understand, appreciate and experience the benefits of homeopathic healthcare.

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