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This tree-planting scheme was set up in 2002, when two charities, The Society of Homeopaths Trust Company and Friends of Homeopathy amalgamated to form Homeopathy Action Trust. It is symbolic of the Trust putting down its roots, and a long term project which will give joy and satisfaction for years to come. In growing and maturing, it will provide a focus for awareness raising with different groups of people.

Homeopathy Action Trust invited Northamptonshire County Council to manage the project. The Trust provides the main ‘gateway’ for sponsorship and the Council plants and manages the trees for life, using organic principles. The wood is growing at Sywell Country Park in Northamptonshire, and there is space at this site for several years yet. After that we’ll be looking for other sites. For map and directions, see below.

Here are quotes from the two organisations:

The vision behind the wood is that we will individually and collectively grow our very own homeopathy wood. All trees in the native wood will be related to homeopathic remedies. As well as providing pleasure for many and opportunities for raising awareness, we will be helping the environment.
Mary Clarke, first Executive Director of Homeopathy Action Trust

NCC are committed to improving the local environment through partnership working, and this is an exciting first step on what we hope is a highly successful project. It could be invaluable for environment promotion, education and increased awareness locally and nationally. It could also act as a model for others in both education and enhancement of a natural resource.
Jason Longhurst, Natural Environment Team leader
Northamptonshire County Council

The first planting was in December 2002, when over 600 individually sponsored trees were planted. A further 230 trees were planted in December 2003, and in winter 2004/2005 a further 185, making over 1000 in all. See below to find out more about the species planted in the native wood, and the specimens in the arboretum.

The scheme is open to everyone, whether local to the wood, or nationally. People choose to mark many occasions with tree planting. Success in examinations for example, or birth, or marriage, or other special occasions such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, engagements. The trees are planted in the winter, the optimum planting time, you can come along to help dig them in on the day.

You can plant an individual tree for £20, or a tree clump (3 – 5 trees) for £50 here.

Tree List and Location Map

These are some of the native trees related to homeopathic remedies on our planting list:

Beech, Hawthorn, Holly, Horse Chestnut, Oak, Spindle, Sycamore, Yew, Willow

In the Arboretum: White cedar, Scots pine, Black spruce

If you have suggestions for other native trees or specimens for the arboretum, please contact us here.

Below is a map and directions for Sywell Country Park; for SatNav users, the postcode for the Park is NN6 0QX.
To find the Wood itself, walk around the eastern side of the reservoir and you’ll find the Wood at the north eastern tip of the water. Take some wellies – it may be muddy!

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