One Vision, One Voice

Homeopathy is being increasingly called into question. Yet the profession has been unable to respond with a united message – different individuals and organisations, various factions within our profession, classical, medical and veterinary had all been reacting to the recent onslaught of negative media attention in different ways – albeit with great energy and vigour.

It became clear that there was a need to harness 
this energy and channel it in a way that enabled unification. So the Homeopathy Action Trust decided to do exactly what it was set up to do – take action!

We gathered 70 homeopaths from 15 countries at 
a ‘summit’ in October 2010. They represented most of our important organisations globally, and they were invited to begin the journey on which we hope all homoeopaths will be glad to travel – creating 
a clear and powerful strategy for the communication of homeopathy, and defining the actions required for its implementation.

The outcome is an alignment of thinking that continues to build momentum across a spectrum 
of activities, from media training to consolidated promotional activities. These are all being 
achieved through regular meetings between all the UK-based homeopathic professional and public- facing organisations and this new UK collaboration is becoming the model for international homeopathic communities.

The effects of these activities will become increasingly evident as we continue to move forward with ‘one vision, one voice’.

Watch the film from the summit here:

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