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An update on our dynamic project – by Angie Metzger and Linda Shannon

We have been delighted by the support Homeopathy Action Trust has given to our Project.

Initially offering simple first aid in a small rural village we have developed and grown into a teaching and clinical project led by the initiatives of our Ghanaian partners. The generosity of volunteers has fuelled our inspiration to support homeopathy as an affordable and sustainable healing method. We receive many enquiries from all over the world and during the past year we recruited 6 volunteers to support our work in Ghana. These experienced homeopaths generously donated their time and funds to take part in this worthwhile venture to travel to Ghana and work there with our local affiliates. All volunteers have come back with many stories to tell and a deep experience of sharing between cultures. We have published some of our volunteers’ reports on our website:

A new training institution

We are celebrating the Project’s 5th birthday this year and there have been some exciting developments. Angie Metzger visited Ghana last October and had the opportunity to meet at the ministry for Traditional and Alternative Medicine to discuss the development of homeopathy in Ghana and the role of the Ghana Homeopathy Project in offering professional education programmes together with our local partner Julius Berdie and Homeopaths Without Borders. The response has been very encouraging and we are working towards fulfilling the required criteria.

We, together with Homeopaths without Borders, are working to help to realise the dream of our Ghanaian partner, homeopath Julius Berdie, who’s vision is the establishment of a first class homeopathic training institution in Ghana. We now have premises, located just outside Accra, with several classrooms, a clinic room, a library, and 15 students! The new institution has been registered as the Premier International Institute of Homeopathy and Natural Health, the name chosen by the Ghanaian teachers and students.

In Ghana, to establish a new tertiary institution, it is required to go through an in depth accreditation process, under the guidance of the National Accreditation Board. whilst the new school is overseen by a mentor institution. The Contemporary College of Classical Homeopathy ( have kindly stepped in to fulfil this essential function, which will take 5 years to complete. They will support the curriculum planning and quality assurance of the local Ghanaian educational institution. The shared goal is to create a first class institution to train the future Ghanaian homeopaths. This will indeed be a first in West Africa. We have sent books, remedies and volunteer teachers. We are planning to bring together theory and practice by organising field trips for our students to the rural clinics as part of our clinical training programme.

We are now planning to use modern communications technology to create web seminars and Skype teaching as well as mentoring for the Ghanaian students. This way we can bring in the teaching and clinical skills of homeopaths throughout the world to share our knowledge and love of homeopathy with the Ghanaians.

College administrator and homeopathic student Frederick Ajblor writes:

‘Homeopathy treats the whole person, not the pathology. When I discovered homeopathy, I immediately wanted to study it to the highest level. We want people to help us, come and teach, donate books remedies and funds. We will make you very welcome. Right now we plan to offer free access courses teaching ‘homeopathy in the home’, so that people from all walks of life can experience homeopathy for themselves.”

We are looking for experienced teachers to volunteer to go to Ghana to teach the student group following our established curriculum. We are also seeking help to establish the online training aspect, people with knowledge of communications technology, who can help set up webinars, teach via Skype, mentor students etc. To develop the school further we seek funding support to continue with the groundbreaking work and to offer bursaries to students. We are looking for computers, books and remedies.


Thanks to a donation from Homeopathy Action Trust, we plan to initiate a research programme working with our Ghana partners. We would like to look at the effectiveness of homeopathy in the area of mental health. Tertiary institutions in Ghana are encouraged to engage in research, so this project will be based at the new college. We plan to seek help from The Homeopathy Research Institute to develop good protocols for the research.

Kumasi Resource Centre

Last autumn we gratefully accepted the opportunity to ship over 1000 books that were so generously donated by homeopaths from all over the world to Ghana. In Kumasi, with our partner Bonsu Boaten, we have opened a resource library of homeopathic books for the alternative health community and clinic. Our intention is to open for patients there as well as starting courses in homeopathy for interested health workers. We plan to use online training in Kumasi also, with computers based at the new centre. This way students from Kumasi can cover part of their training in Kumasi and part at the Accra Institute. We also would like to place a longer term volunteer in Kumasi to facilitate clinics and training there.

Mafi Seva Clinic

Another branch of our work is the support of clinics within an integrated health care centre managed by Clinical Director ‘Emperor’ in the rural area of the lower Volta region. Patients come regularly to the clinic requesting homeopathy as word of mouth of healing has spread. With the support of our donors, Emperor went on a further training course to Kolkata to enhance his prescribing skills. He is engaged in regular supervision with Sheila Ryan in the U.K.. We are also supporting trainee village based homeopath Pastor John with supervision by UK homeopath Ingrid Daniels and a small financial donation to help with local expenses in providing clinics for patients on low incomes.

We are honoured having received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Society of Homeopaths rewarding the work by the Ghana team here in the U.K. and abroad. A big thank you to HAT for contributing to the dynamic development of our vision for homeopathy in Ghana.

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Frontline Homeopathy/Homeopathy Action Trust awarded £10,000 and makes additional funds available as they are donated for this project. 

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