Homeopathy for Addictions

The addictions pilot project was small scale consisting of 12 individuals prescribing for drug, alcohol, poly drug use and dual diagnosis cases for alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, and crack and heroin addiction. It commenced mid-summer 2012 and was funded by the Homeopathy Action Trust and Helios Homeopathy. This pilot project ran at the Perry Clayman Project and Slough Homeless Our Concern day shelter. Patients received treatment from 6 to 10 weeks; this depended on time in residential facility or attendance of homeless shelter. During the initial consultation, a full comprehensive assessment took place. The patient would then be assessed using the Tauto-ModTM titration system and prescribed for depending on severity of symptoms. Every week the patient would attend a follow-up appointment lasting from 30 minutes to 1-hour, in which time the tautopathy system would be re-assessed, recorded and prescribed for (if applicable). Depending on other health issues, particularly mental health, the patient would also be prescribed other medications.

Download the outcomes report: Tauto-Mod Outcomes 2012 revised.

Homeopathy Action Trust awarded £1,000.


Homeopathy for Addictions Director Tracy Woodward Gagetta, BA, BSc, LCHE, MARH (pictured above) has been working in the field of substance misuse for over 5-years in the UK and Canada. She recently finished a post as Performance Commissioner for the NHS in Northeast London and previously worked as a specialist working with women and as safeguarding lead for two charities. Her bespoke Tauto-Mod™ titration system, specifically developed to treat the symptoms of cravings, withdrawal and toxicty in substance misuse is currently subcontracted by one of the leading drug service providers Turning Point in Westminster starting April 2013.

View Tracy’s website here.

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