Ghana Homeopathy Project – Audit

With the help of an award from Homeopathy Action Trust the Ghana Homeopathy Project conducted an audit to find out more about the concerns and health problems of the patients we see in Ghana, especially in our village clinics.

We were particularly interested in finding out how many patients come to clinic for mental health reasons. This is not an area that is generally addressed in Ghana (outside of the psychiatric profession) and we were curious to know the reasons. From our homeopathic evaluation we found that many patients had mental health issues even though they were presenting with physical complaints.

As a result of our audit, and again with support from Homeopathy Action Trust, we are planning to start a dedicated mental health clinic within the community clinic at Mafi Seva village in Ghana. We will be offering a very valuable service to the community, promoting dialogue and enabling people to speak about their mental health issues. We also plan to do an evaluation of the service offered. We are excited to be able to start this pilot research programme and to offer a new health facility to the local communities.

Click here: GHP-Audit-23-Sep-2014 to download and read the Audit.

More information on the Ghana Homeopathy Project here.


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