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Here are some photos from our recent course in Ghana, based in Mafi Seva village, organised by Angie Metzger (click on image to see larger):

AMURT Water Project

AMURT Water Project

The reservoir provides clean water for the villages and was built by our Ghana based partners working with local people.

AMURT Water Project

AMURT Water Project

We brought together 4 UK volunteer homeopaths, our Ghana partners and students and the two Indian Drs Bhattacharyea – treating 200 people in the villages.


Gift Distribution at Mafi Seva

Local women gathering and looking forward to receive clothes that we brought for them from the UK.  This was a diversion from the daily clinics and fun for all of us.


MEPE homeopathic clinic

Claire Hewison and Pastor Emanuel discussing a patient’s case presenting with hypertension – and many more patients were waiting in the church hall.

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