Homeopathy For Health in Africa – patients films

Like many others, these patients were referred to Homeopathy For Health in Africa by a local hospital. Homoeopathy enhances the immune system, increases patient’s appetite and energy, reduces symptoms and drug side effects, and thus enables patients to endure each line of ARV’s for longer and improve life quality and expectancy. Homoeopathy For Health in Africa is a legal and voluntary organisation working alongside and in cooperation with conventional medicine: “We never interfere with prescribed medication. We believe that an integrated approach of conventional and alternative medicine are the most effective way of alleviating the suffering of millions of AIDS patients in Africa and worldwide. Many of the doctors here share our vision. We run 15 clinics and have treated over 5000 patients. We are teaching homoeopathy to local Doctors, Nurses and young people. Homoeopathy treats the whole person and is effective, affordable and has no side effects. This is why African patients absolutely love it! We depend on your donations to keep going. Please support us at www.homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org

Patient 553 “This patient was diagnosed with AIDS in 2009 and has been on Antiretroviral since then. However her CD4 remains dangerously low at 71. After a few months of homoeopathic treatment with Natrum Sulph 12C daily she is feeling much better. Her CD4 is now 395. The black discoloration of nails (an ARV side effect) is now gone. Appetite, digestion, stomach ulcer and sleep are much better. The pain in the knees improved but after finishing the remedy for a while is returning. There is a remarkable improvement with of her diabetes. The palpitations are gone. The headache is reduced.”

Patient 21 “This patient shows a significant rise in CD4 levels. After three years of Antiretroviral treatment (ARV) his CD4 remained stuck at a low count of 126. Five months after starting homoeopathic treatment with Thuja 12C daily his CD4 rose to 436, as can be clearly seen on his official hospital card. Alongside this the patients experienced a reduction of symptoms and side effects. He reports feeling much better overall. The fever and joint pains he suffered from for years are gone. Previously he could not work due to lack of energy and pain, however after homoeopathic treatment he is now back to full time work on the farm, once again feeding his family. His bad dreams (a side effect of ARV treatment) have disappeared. His loose teeth, an AIDS symptom, feel much stronger.”

Patient 283 “This HIV/AIDS patient has is very happy with the results of homoeopathic treatment. He says that: ‘The remedy helped me a lot!’ His vertigo, a common and debilitating AIDS symptom, is totally gone. His energy has returned (many AIDS patients are too weak to work or even stand). His palpitations have stopped. All other symptoms are also better. He reports feeling much better overall. This patients was covered with lumps (lipomas) all over his face and arms. Three months after beginning homoeopathy they are totally gone. This patient was infected before 2005, and has been on Antiretroviral treatment (ARV) since 2009. We treated him with Germanium Met 1C daily, which is one of the most useful remedies for the treatment of AIDS in Africa.”

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