Kenya School for Integrated Medicine: An Update

The only institution in Kenya to offer a professional 4 year program in Homeopathy, along with allied medical subjects such as Community Health and Nutrition.


To offer a unique education in Integrated Medicine and support the development of healthcare in Kenya.

Kenya School for Integrated Medicine is dedicated to providing an excellent education and work opportunities for all who come to the school and improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities. It seeks to introduce the benefits of Homeopathic Medicine to the wider community and its integration into the larger professional health community. It seeks to address the primary health care needs of both local communities and throughout Kenya through programs in education, clinical outreach and research, with an emphasis on underserved urban and rural populations.

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To empower a new generation of healthcare practitioners with a quality medical education and through the integration of conventional and alternative medicines, to support the provision of accessible, affordable and effective healthcare for all.

A preeminent education and academic excellence in Homeopathic Medicine and allied medical subjects leading to the production of a new generation of health care practitioners and leaders that can contribute to the needs of individuals and communities.

We are working directly with the Ministry of Health, Kwale County to improve healthcare outcomes in the county, one of the poorest areas in Kenya. This partnership is sponsored through the European Union as part of their world-wide public health mandates. It is a unique and exciting project, to have the vision of Integrated Medicine as a solution to the health issues in Kenya. No other homeopathy project has been given such an opportunity to work so directly with the existing health care system to look at integrated holistic solutions to the health care challenges we face. The project we are part of is called Supporting the Kwale County Government Through The Provision of Integrated Medicine.

We are working on the following projects with our partners:

  • Training community health workers and nutritionists to work within Kwale Health System as well as giving them a foundation in homeopathic medicine.
  • Training professional practitioners of homeopathic medicine in a four year full time diploma program to complement existing health practices in the county.
  • Training doctors and other medical personnel into the benefits and practical use of homeopathic medicine.
  • To increase our student base to 120 students in 2016.
  • Performing operational research in the county on the treatment of specific conditions with homeopathic medicine.
  • Supporting changes in health care policy, both locally and nationally, through the inclusion of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM), in line with new Kenya Health Bill, 2014. Through this change, a more comprehensive Integrated Medicine can be developed in Kenya.
  • Developing 6 Integrated Medicine clinics in strategic parts of the county. Supporting 40 mobile clinics in conjunction with existing mobile units run by the MOH.
  • Improving access to health care at all levels and help to both prevent and treat many common conditions in Kwale County.
  • Helping improve HIS/DHIS monitoring and strategic decision making. Helping implement DHIS throughout the county through improved knowledge and technology.
  • Supporting the development of up to 24 community health units (CHU’s) in the county.
  • Supporting existing healthcare campaigns such as jiggers and nutrition programs.
  • Doing a baseline study at the beginning and end of the project to evaluate health care attitudes and outcomes.
  • To see a more efficient use of medicines and treatment protocols within the county.

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Financial Needs:

Each year we have to raise 160,000 euros as our part of the program to sustain the full implementation of the project. The success of our project depends on us being able to raise this money and continue to work with our partners. We have had many individual donors and other NGO supporters over many years but to take our institution to the next level and to see homeopathy implemented into the health care system in Kenya, it will take a continued investment in our work. Please support us and help us bring the vision of Integrated Medicine to our part of Kenya and to help us provide education to young Kenyan women and men

 Help us make homeopathy a fully regulated system of medicine in the country.

For smaller donations (up to £250) please use the online card facility here. (BT Donate who this facility is via automatically assists donors to use Gift Aid if they are UK taxpayers*.)

for larger donations (over £250) please use bank transfer to:
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